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Our early years

Lathan Tree Service specializes in tree and shrub pruning, tree removal, stump removal, taking care of weak, diseased trees and creating preventative tree programs for the benefit of your property.

When choosing a tree service for your next project, make sure the arborist has insurance.  To avoid potential liability for damage or injury, only hire a company with personal, property damage and workers compensation insurance.  Lathan Tree Service carries insurance with limits in excess of 3 million dollars for your protection.

Make sure you have a written bid and contract for the work.  You should know what the job entails - including cleanup - and how much the total cost will be. 

Lathan Tree Service is ready to help you whether your need is immediate or if you are new to tree service and want to learn more without obligation.

Since 1971, Lathan Tree Service has been a full service tree care company

serving all of Western New York. We offer complete Tree Pruning and Tree Removal services.