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CLEARANCE...The most common reason to prune a tree is to provide clearance from structures and overhead wires.  Tree limbs that are too close to a roof can cause damage because the roof does not dry adequately after wet weather.

RODENTS...Squirrels and other animals can use tree limbs to access your attic and home.  Branches that are too close to your home can provide easy access for them.

UTILITIES...Branches that are too close to overhead wires can produce dangerous situations and can cause interruptions in utility service.

TREE HEALTH, STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY & SAFETY...Trees can be pruned to promote health and vigor, as well as increase the structural stability.  Pruning trees improves air flow between the branches and allows for better sunlight penetration.  A properly pruned shade tree dries quicker which makes it less susceptible to inset attacks and fungal diseases.  A properly pruned tree will also allow wind to path through the tree and reduce the chances of damage during high winds.  Removing weak crotches and rubbing or crossing branches helps the tree stay strong and healthy.

AESTHETICS...A properly pruned tree is not only safer, it is beautiful!

IMPORTANT...Do not trust your trees to just anyone.  Improper pruning techniques can cause trees to become unsafe and unhealthy.

There are several important reasons for pruning a tree